Academic Excellence


  • The University envisages comprehensive academic excellence by adopting an integrated approach involving students, staff and community.
  • The faculty members and authorities identify the activities required in order to achieve international standards
  • The University plans to develop certain centers of excellence in fields of higher Education.
  • The Development activity includes modernization of the existing laboratories to keep abreast with the current developments in instrumentation. This is to provide students with sophisticated measuring techniques for advanced research and training.
  • The University gives special attention in developing resources for the socially and conically underprivileged sections

Curriculum Development

  • The Curriculum is based on periodical review complying with Industry/Societal requirements.
  • The Curriculum features University - Industry - Community inter-mobility.


  • The University provides effective networking facilities for students and faculty members.
  • The students can benefit from mutual utilization of infrastructural facilities and sharing of expertise.

Other Proposed Interactions

  • Guest Lectures/Speeches by eminent personalities in different fields.
  • International Conferences.
  • Organization of Exhibitions/Inter-University competitions etc.
  • Educational and Industrial tours.

Integrated Approach in the Development of Curricula at U.G. and P.G. Levels

  • Effective measures are taken to modernize the curriculum at U.G. and P.G. level through integrated approach.
  • Periodical combined meetings of BOS of both U.G. and P.G. courses are conducted with thrust in multi-disciplinary activities.
  • The existing programs are further improvised by introducing restructured and innovative courses.

Extension Activities

  • The University plays an effective role in supporting and facilitating the organizing process and providing scientific and technical guidance and advice for comprehensive societal development.
  • It intends to support this effort in many ways; by providing leadership and technical assistance in organizational development; by offering meeting space; by providing technical and knowledge-based consultation service; by identifying resource persons; by involving students in community development programs.
  • The activities are related to identifying the community needs and providing solutions. It includes conducting training programs in the use of new technologies and Governmental schemes that integrated with the development of community encompassing urban and rural areas. This helps in effective dissemination of the knowledge, which is the need of the hour.

Promotion of Distance Learning Programs both at UG and PG Levels in various disciplines

  • One of the challenges posed by globalization is the entry of Foreign Universities into Indian education market with highly attractive course modules in the Distance learning programs Distance Education has therefore become very convenient, economic and cost-effective for the common man. The University proposes to strengthen the Directorate of Distance Education as a model institution to attract large number of students into its fold. Apart from meeting the financial needs of the University, the DDE in course of time will emerge as a nodal center for the promotion of education that would help students achieve skills of international standards.
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