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Online MBA Program from SVU
  • START: December 4, 2016
  • DURATION: 3 years
  • EXAMINATION: University Exam 80 Marks and Assignment 20 Marks
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FEE: Rs. 27000


The online MBA at SVU ensures that students assume leadership and management positions in a competitive market after course completion. The curriculum is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and analytical ability of our MBA students. The distance MBA from SVU focuses on Management Functions and Behaviour, Quantitative Analysis, Operations Management. Students can master the elements of subjects related to finance, marketing, human resource, business ethics, project management that will enable them to embrace the integrated perspective required to solve today’s complex business problems. An online MBA from Sri Venkateswara University is the perfect academic program for professionals who want to upgrade their credentials, shape their own destiny, and be strategic decision-makers in the corporate world.


A candidate seeking admission into M.B.A course should possess. Undergraduate or Post-graduate degree from any University recognized by UGC or Professional degree holder from the faculty of Engineering/Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and Architecture of any University recognized by UGC or Professional qualification in Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy and Company Secre- taryship, Chartered Financial Analyst, awarded by the statutory bodies. The programme will be opened to all citizens of India who satisfy the above conditions. However 50% seats are reserved for the candidates from Andhra Pradesh State

Award of Degree

Students will be awarded MBA degree on completion of all the 24 courses. P.G. Diploma in Management will be awarded on completion of the 16 courses in the first two years.

Contact Programme Classes

There will be CPC Programme for 10 days for every year.

Project Work

Each candidate shall do the project work under the supervision of the faculty guides chosen by the candidate and approved by the University. The project work envisages submission of dissertation, which carries maximum marks of 100. The project work is to be carried out as per the guidelines issued by the University.

Program Structure

First Year
  • Management Functions and Behaviour
  • Economic & Social Environment
  • Information Management & Computer
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Application
  • Management of Information System
  • Management of New & Small Enterprises
  • Viva-Voce
Second Year
  • Production/Operations Management
  • Managing Men
  • Marketing for Manager
  • Accounting & Finance for Manager
  • Viva-Voce
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective
Third Year
  • Management of Control System
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business Management
  • Project Report
  • Viva-Voce
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

Note : 1) A candidate has to secure not less than 35% marks in each Theory/ Project /Viva- Voce 38 Examinations and an aggregate of 40% in each year.

Examination Pattern

There shall be three year-end examinations spread over three academic/calendar years. Each course carries a maximum mark of 100. Out of 100 marks 20 marks are allotted for assignments and 80 marks are allotted for University year end examinations. The candidate shall submit the assignment before taking year end examinations.

i) Qualifying marks for a pass
A candidate appearing for the first time for the examination of any year has to register for whole examination of that year. A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination, if he/ she secures not less than 35% of marks in each theory paper/project/viva-voce in year-end University examinations and an aggregate of 40% of marks in each year. Paper-wise pass is allowed subject to obtaining 40% of marks for the University-end examination. If a candidate fails to get an aggregate of 40%, he has to get 40% of marks in the subject in which he has secured less than 40% marks. A candidate who will not get pass marks for the dissertation of the project work should submit revised dissertation along with the next batch. A candidate who fails and wants to appear for the whole of theory examination of any year may do so after canceling the previous results of the theory examination of that year. The failed candidates shall be required to appear again the examinations along with the regular candidates of the next batch.
j) Classification of Successful Candidates
The classification will be on the basis of the total marks obtained by the candidates, i.e. the total marks secured in all the three years put together. Candidates securing 70% and above in the aggregate marks shall be placed in distinction. Candidates securing 60% and above but less than 70% in the aggregate marks shall be placed in First Class. Candidates securing 50% and above but less than 60% in the aggregate marks shall be placed in Second Class. All other successful candidates shall be placed in Third Class.
The candidates are permitted to improve their marks/class by taking year-endexaminations in one or more papers within the next two subsequent year-endexaminations as per the existing regulations and syllabus. There is no provision for improving of project work and VIVA-VOCE. A candidate who appeared for the examination be supplied a statement of marks secured by him at the examination as per the rules and regulations of the University in force.
Award of Ranks
Candidates who have passed the examinations at the first appearance in all three years shall be ranked in order of merit. The candidates who have taken supplementary examinations shall also be eligible for classification but they shall not be considered for the award of rank. Ranks shall be awarded for the top three students or 10% of the total strength of the students appeared for the third year-end examinations, whichever is higher.

Fee Structure

Type Fee Details (INR)
Registration Fee 200 (at the time of admission only)
First year 10000
Second Year 8500
Third Year 8500
Total Fee 27200

The University is considering a revision in the fees of the programs. In case the fees are revised by the University, students shall be required to pay the differential amount before the issue of the final
admit card

Contact Number
8688 339 339
sms SVU to 56767