The tide of technology has been engulfing every industry and every phase of our lives. The academic sector is no exception. With advancements in modern software, integrated learning has now become prevalent. Competing with the same technological tide, SVU ICT Enabled Programs Division has a sound vision to incorporate ease and excellence in academic curricula by leveraging digital learning interface.

The University wants to reach out to the remote areas, where achieving primary education is still a dream. SVU ICT Enabled Programs Division wants to provide a fair opportunity to all the aspiring students despite the challenges they face fulfilling their ambitions

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The Mission of SVU ICT Enabled Programs Division is to develop qualified and competent citizens through teaching and training and expand the horizons of knowledge through exhaustive research. The University wants to lend knowledge and support to various organizations for their effective functioning in their respective sectors. SVU is dedicated to contribute to the creation of a contended and advanced society through exchange of modern thoughts and technology.

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